Oxo-biodegradability of polyethylene blends with starch, cellulose and synthetic additives

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Koroleva, Anna; Huebner, Maria; Lukanina, Yulia; Khvatov, Anatoliy; Popov, Anatoliy; Monakhova, Tatiana;
  • Publisher: Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • Subject: Oxo-biodegradability | biodegradation | polyethylene blends | synthetic additives | starch | cellulose | окси-біорозклад | біодеградація | поліетиленові суміші | синтетичні додатки | крохмаль | целюлоза

Polyethylene (PE) is a pollutant packaging and mulch material. Therefore, it is necessary to raise its oxobiodegradability by additives. Oxo-biodegradation is the degradation of PE in two steps: oxidation followed by microorganisms biodegradation. In this study, s... View more