Appetizing muffins designed for nutritional needs of older adults

Conference object English OPEN
Höglund, Evelina ; Albinsson, Berit ; Rothenberg, Elisabet ; Wendin, Karin (2016)
  • Publisher: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
  • Subject: Muffins | elderly | protein | energy | Food Science | Livsmedelsvetenskap

Introduction: Due to good living conditions, the population of older adults is growing. Increased age increases prevalence of diseases and thereby also the risk of disease related malnutrition (DRM) increases. Appetizing and nutritious food products are needed to counteract DRM. One possible way to enable increased nutritional intake for older people with poor appetite is to offer energy/protein rich snacks between meals. In Sweden, afternoon coffee is an appreciated part of the day. It has also been shown that different varieties of muffins are a popular choice to eat with the coffee among older adults. Developing muffins to suit older adults’ nutritional needs along with their sensory cravings may contribute to decreased DRM. The aim of this study was to investigate added nutritional content along with the sensorial effects of increased fat/protein content in muffins. Methods: Design of four different muffins were developed and produced according to a processing scheme where fat and proteins were added. Sensory evaluation and nutritional calculations were performed. Further moisture content, water activity, weight loss and size of the muffins were measured. Results: The fat and protein additions affected the sensory properties and nutritional value of the muffins: Muffin type Content (g/100g   muffin) Sensory properties fat protein Reference 27 4,9 soft, smooth With added fat 42 3,8 flat, moist, fatty mouth With added protein (whey) 23 12,4 feel hard, compact, pointy, low flavors With added fat and protein 37 10,2 a bit hard, compact, fatty mouth feel   effects of protein are dominant Discussion: It can be concluded that muffins with added nutrients and sensorialy designed for older adults’ is promising.  However, further recipe/process development in order to increase appetizing sensory properties may be achieved.
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