Bioma platform advancements during 2017

Report English OPEN
  • Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.2760/713904

In this report we describe the advancements on the Bioma Framework developed during year 2017. Given that the Bioma platform is quite mature, its core was not recently changed. So that the majority of changes concerns the implementation of the models developed in the platform. Moreover, during 2017 we also set up an alternative version of the framework itself, based on a new developing framework called .NET Core, with the purpose of being able to create a version of Bioma runnable on Linux. Therefore this document is organized in two chapters: the advancements on the models and the creation of the new version of the platform. Bioma is a framework for develop and run agronomical models. The Bioma framework is used in the context of unit D5 since many years and, starting from year 2015, it is used also in the operational chain for the Agri4Cast bulletin. The changes described in chapter 1 apply also to the operational use of Bioma, whereas the content of chapter 2 does not have, for now, an impact on the activities of the unit. The documentation of Bioma and of the other software cited in this document are in the Reference chapter.
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