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Contribution to Risk Analysis of a Standard Brewery: Application of a Hygiene Assessment System Survey

António Raposo; Jairo Salazar; Esteban Pérez; Esther Sanjuán; Conrado Carrascosa; Pedro Saavedra; Rafael Millán;
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  • Published: 01 Oct 2013
"Beer is a food product with a high consumption in Gran Canaria and the brewery industry is also present in this island. In order to carry out this study, it was designed a survey to assist in the assessment of risks from the facilities and infrastructures of the brewery, the raw materials used in the beer production and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan. An initial assessment of various aspects of the industry has been conducted at the beginning of hygienic-sanitary counselling and a second assessment on the effects could manifest such counselling. It was observed that there was an increase score in most of points tested following the...
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free text keywords: Assessment, Beer, Brewing, Counselling, HACCP, Hazard analysis and critical control points, Risk analysis (business), Operations management, Hygiene, media_common.quotation_subject, media_common, Biotechnology, business.industry, business, Engineering
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46 references, page 1 of 4
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