Triangulation based inclusion probabilities: a design-unbiased sampling approach

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Fehrmann, Lutz; Gregoire, Timothy G.; Kleinn, Christoph;
  • Publisher: Boston
  • Journal: volume 19, issue 1, pages 107-123issn: 1352-8505
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1007/s10651-011-0177-9
  • Subject: Life Sciences; Evolutionary Biology; Mathematical and Computational Biology; Statistics, general; Ecology | Environmental Science(all) | Statistics, Probability and Uncertainty | Design based inference; Inclusion probability; Delaunay Triangulation; Plot design; Continuous population | Statistics and Probability

A probabilistic sampling approach for design-unbiased estimation of area-related quantitative characteristics of spatially dispersed population units is proposed. The developed field protocol includes a fixed number of 3 units per sampling location and is based on parti... View more
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