Destinos de saúde e bem-estar sustentáveis. Atas da Conferência Internacional organizada em Chaves (Portugal), 13-15/10/2011

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Joukes, Veronika; Lourenço-Gomes, Lina; Marta-Costa, Alexandra;
  • Subject: marketing | estudo de mercado | turismo de saúde e bem-estar | health and wellness tourism | turismo médico | medical tourism | termas | yoga | spas | market study | case study | estudos de caso

A first group of articles focuses (1) on the recovery of the landscape and the river Guadaíra (Andaluzia) in the surroundings of and together with the Pozo Amargo spa resort (Jesús Raúl Navarro García e Frederico Alvim); (2) on the use of soap operas to promote spa tour... View more
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