X-ray imaging with compound refractive lens and microfocus X-ray tube

Article English OPEN
Pina, Ladislav ; Dudchik, Yury ; Jelinek, Vaclav ; Sveda, Libor ; Marsik, Jiri ; Horvath, Martin ; Petr, Ondrej (2008)

Compound refractive lenses (CRL), consisting of a lot number in-line concave microlenses made of low-Z material were studied. Lenses with focal length 109 mm and 41 mm for 8-keV X-rays, microfocus X-ray tube and X-ray CCD camera were used in experiments. Obtained images show intensity distribution of magnified microfocus X-ray source focal spot. Within the experiments, one lens was also used as an objective lens of the X-ray microscope, where the copper anode X-ray microfocus tube served as a source. Magnified images of gold mesh with 5 microns bars were obtained. Theoretical limits of CRL and experimental results are discussed.
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