Association between molecular variation in the phosphoglucose isomerase (Pgi) locus and migration propensity in the Glanville fritillary butterfly

Master thesis English OPEN
Mattila, Anniina L. K.;
  • Publisher: Helsingin yliopisto. Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitos
  • Subject: ekologia | fosfoglukoosi-isomeraasi (Pgi) | ecology | phosphoglucose isomerase (Pgi) | metapopulaatio | dispersaali | metapopulation | dispersal | 118 Biological sciences
    mesheuropmc: lipids (amino acids, peptides, and proteins)

Habitat fragmentation produces patches of suitable habitat surrounded by unfavourable matrix habitat. A species may persist in such a fragmented landscape in an equilibrium between the extinctions and recolonizations of local populations, thus forming a metapopulation. ... View more
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