Monitoring of stormwater between 2002 and 2010. What is the evolution of stormwater quality ?

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Deffontis, Stéphanie; Vialle, Claire; Sablayrolles, Caroline; Breton, Audrey; Vignoles, Christian; Vignoles-Montrejaud, Mireille;
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  • Subject: Overall pollution parameters | toulouse | Separate | conductivité | overall pollution parameters;principal component analysis;separate;sewer system;storm sewer discharge | Sewer system | teneur en ions | donnée environnementale | rainwater | pollution | eau pluviale | [SDV.OT]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Other [q-bio.OT] | ph | ph value | [SDV]Life Sciences [q-bio] | Storm sewer discharge | Autre | Principal component analysis

International audience; The city of Toulouse with its separate storm sewer system is ideal for studying stormwater. That is why since 2002, three stormwater sampling campaigns were conducted. Samples were taken from the outlets of two storm drains located in heavily and... View more
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