Attraction of Planococcus ficus males to racemic and chiral pheromone baits: flight activity and bait longevity

Article English OPEN
Zada, A.; Dunkelblum, E.; Assael, F.; Franco, J.C.; Silva, E.B.; Protasov, A.; Mendel, Z.;
  • Publisher: Blackwell
  • Subject: seasonal and daily flight | enantiomeric activity | Planococcus ficus | pheromone

The vine mealybug (VM), Planococcus ficus (Signoret), is a worldwide pest and affects mainly grapevine and figs. In Israel, (S)-lavandulyl senecioate [(S)-LS] and (S)-lavandulyl isovalerate [(S)-LI] were identified from VM reared for several generations on pota... View more
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