Evaluation of mechanical load in the musculoskeletal system : development of experimental and modeling methodologies for the study of the effect of exercise in human models

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
João, Filipa Oliveira da Silva;
  • Subject: Eletromiografia | Tensor de difusão | Kinematics | Arquitetura muscular | Hopping | Modelação músculo-esquelética | Muscle architecture | Musculoskeletal modeling | Cinemática | Fadiga | Aceleração induzida | Induced acceleration | Diffusion tensor | Electromyography | Kinetics | Muscle fatigue

Doutoramento em Motricidade Humana, na especialidade de Biomecânica A major concern of Biomechanics research is the evaluation of the mechanical load and power that the human body develops and endorses when performing high to moderate sport activities. With the purpo... View more
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