Flexibility and stretching physiology : responses and adaptations to different stretching intensities.

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Freitas, Sandro Remo Martins Neves Ramos;
  • Subject: Passive torque | Acute | Percepção | Joint | Deformação | Length | Stiffness | Articulação | Tensão passivo | Perception | Rigidez | Flexibilidade | Flexibility | Músculo esquelético | Adaptations | Passive tension | Deformation | Skeletal muscle | Chronic | Agudo | Momento passivo

Doutoramento em Motricidade Humana, especialidade de Biomecânica Research and reported literature regarding the conceptual, methodological, and training effects of stretching with different intensities are scarce. The purposes of this thesis were to: i) explore and d... View more
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