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Equus Caballus Antunesi, nouvelle sous-espece quaternaire du Portugal

Cardoso, João Luís; Eisenmann, V.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 1989
  • Country: Portugal
Equus caballus antunesi, nova subspecies, was a hypsodont, slender, and rather small horse (around 141cm at the withers). with narrow hooves and protocones longer on P3/-P4/ than on Ml/-M2/. It does not fit in any of the different "types" of Pleistocene caballine horses previously recognized but may be related to the horse from the Acheulean of Solana deI Zamborino. Hypsodonty, small size, slenderness. narrow hooves are ali characters that can easily be related to ecological conditions. Equus caballus antunesi was probably a horse adapted to rather dry and cold conditions and to a hard ground. It does not seem related at all to the North-European Equus caballus ...
free text keywords: Portugal, Würm, Perissodactyla, Equidae, Equus caballus, Nouvelle sous-espece, New sub-species
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