Introduction to NASA's Academy of Aerospace Quality

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Smith, Alice ; Smith, Jeffrey (2016)
  • Publisher: DigitalCommons@USU
  • Subject: Engineering

The NASA Academy of Aerospace Quality (AAQ) is an internet-based public domain forum of quality assurance-related educational modules for students and faculty at academic institutions targeting those involved in aerospace research, technology development, and payload design and development including Cube Sats, Small Sats, Nano Sats, Rockets and High Altitude Balloons. The target users are university project and research teams but the academy has also been used by K-12 teams, independent space activists, NASA contractors and other governmental agencies including those abroad. The interactive - web portal contains a curriculum structure of 50 diverse technical topics such as workmanship, systems engineering, soldering, counterfeit parts, additive manufacturing, inferential statistics, and continuous improvement. Each educational module has interactive self quizzes, links to relevant standards, links to relevant lessons learned and other reference materials. While not all educational modules are complete, many are and many of the others still provide useful information while they are being completed and vetted by NASA. Along with the educational modules, AAQ provides a forum for the exchange of best practices, lessons learned, relevant links, standards, case studies, news, etc. There are also a dictionary of acronyms and extensive term definitions. A new AAQ feature is the interactive quality assurance plan which allows project teams to formulate, populate, update and archive their own customized quality assurance plan covering everything from mission beginning to end. Auburn University was selected by NASA to lead the development of AAQ and an Expert User Group of eight active academics involved with student payload projects guides the features of the NASA AAQ. This talk will describe the NASA AAQ, explain how project teams can use it, and discuss plans for the continued development and enhancement of this important resource. We will also give an overview of the annual AAQ Workshops which are open to those engaged with space activities.
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