Infant Physical Attractiveness, Affect, Temperament, and Gender in Relation to Tester Behavior

Other literature type OPEN
Hart, Andrea D. (1996)
  • Publisher: DigitalCommons@USU
  • Subject: infant | physical | attractiveness | affect | temperament | gender | relation | behavior | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Easily observable infant characteristics have been shown to influence others; perceptions of infant competence. This study examined the relation between infant characteristics and a tester's willingness to repeat opportunities for the infant to pass items during administration of a cognitive test. Results showed that infant physical attractiveness was related to lower elicited infant performance (the ratio of items initially failed). Positive affect was related to higher test scores. Because first impressions are likely to contribute to future relationships, it may be important to educate adults who interact with infants about the effects of stereotyping infants based on first impressions.
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