Geophysical Measurements in the Beaver Basin, West-Central Utah; Part 1--Slingram, Magnetic, and Self-Potential Profiles

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Flanigan, Vincent J. ; Campbell, David L. ; U.S. Geological Survey (1981)
  • Publisher: Hosted by Utah State University Libraries
  • Subject: geophysical measurements | Beaver Basin | Utah | slingram | magnetic | self-potential | profiles | Geology

This report consists of figures showing profile locations (fig. 1, table 1) in the Beaver Basin, west-central Utah, and ground geophysical data collected in September 1980 along these traverses (figs. 2-11). These data consist of slingram electromagnetic (real and imaginary components at 222, 444, 888, 1777, and 3555 Hz), ground magnetic and self-potential measurements collected at 200-foot (61-m) intervals along about 8.8 miles (14.2 km) of survey line. Table 2 lists equipment used. The report contains data only, and no interpretations of the data are included.
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