Review of the book, International handbook of research and development in Technology Education

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Householder, Dan L. (2012)
  • Publisher: Hosted by Utah State University Libraries
  • Subject: book review | International handbook of research and development | technology | education

This is by far the most comprehensive volume yet issued by Sense Publishers in their excellent contemporary series, International Technology Education Studies. Earlier books in the series are the International Handbook of Technology Education: Reviewing the Past Twenty Years, edited by Marc J. de Vries and Ilja Mottier (2006); Analyzing Best Practices in Technology Education, edited by Marc de Vries, Rod Custer, John Dakers, and Gene Martin (2007); Researching Technology Education, edited by Howard Middleton (2008); and The Cultural Transmission of Artefacts, Skills and Knowledge: Eleven Studies in Technology Education in France, edited by Jacques Ginestié (2008). The books, available directly from the publisher as well from distributors such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble in USA, are vital additions to the collections of research libraries and the professional libraries of technology education scholars around the world.
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