Knowledge Specification and Instructions for a Visual Computer Language

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Möbus, Claus ; Schröder, Olaf (1989)
  • Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers (North Holland)
  • Subject: Computer science, internet | Psychology

One difficult problem in the development of intelligent computer aided instruction (ICAI) is the proper design of instruction and help. The problem arises because knowledge diagnosis largely depends on what kind of information is given to the student. This paper adresses the question of developing instructional and help material concernlng the operational knowledge for a visual functional proqramming language ABSYNT. The goal of our project is the construction of a problem-solving monitor (PSM) for ABSYNT. First, we will explain our motivation for choosinq and developinq this task enviroment. Then, we will describe the programming environment of ABSYNT. Next, we will illustrate some difficulttes that arose when we used a flrst, only verbally speclfied, nonvisual descriptlon of the operatlonal knowledge as instructional rnaterlal. In particular, it was not clear whether this descriptlon was complete and error-free, and it provided no framework for semantlc-bug analyses. Finally, the process is described by which we generate rule-based specifications of the operational knowledge and visual instr:uction and help. This iterative specification cycle led to two alternatlve sets of iconic rules which describe the operational knowledge of ABSYNT to the student.
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