The management of sexual harassment in the workplace / Lucy Jardim

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Jardim, Lucia Rodrigues (2004)
  • Publisher: North-West University

This study aims to determine how sexual harassment can effectively be managed in the workplace in accordance with sexual harassment policies and procedures. The literature review takes an in depth view into: local and international codes with reference to the differences and similarities between the codes; the processes and procedures managers should follow when faced with sexual harassment grievances; the legal alternatives available to victims of sexual harassment. The empirical research was conducted by means of a survey which was distributed to all four managerial levels (senior, middle, junior and lower level management) in Company X, upon which the data was analysed by the researcher. Since no standardised measuring instrument exists to measure sexual harassment, the researcher took the initiative to develop a questionnaire which would address managers' knowledge regarding sexual harassment policies and procedures. The responses were analysed with the assistance of the Statistical Consultant Service of the North -West University. The study was conducted to determine managements' knowledge I understanding on sexual harassment policies and procedures. The results of the analysed data showed that managers have a good understanding on the core issues around sexual harassment policies and procedures. Even though the managers at Company X are informed on sexual harassment policies and procedures, the results reveal that managers at Company X do not receive training on sexual harassment issues. The study concludes with the recommendation that Company X train their managers according to each management level's needs. This way each management level's needs are addressed in the training programme. Thesis (M.Com. (Industrial Sociology))--North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, 2005.
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