A paint program for the graphic arts in printing

Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine English OPEN
Willis, Phil (1984)
  • Publisher: North-Holland Publishing Co.

There is considerable scope for the application of computer techniques to help the graphic<br/>designer working with printed products, provided that pictures of high technical quality result.<br/>Described here is the product of the first stage of a research programme aimed at providing<br/>computer assisted drawing aids for high quality colour pictures. The product is an interactive<br/>paint program. The paper first explains the nature of the application and the hardware<br/>available to the author. It then claims that transcription is central to the task of high quality<br/>painting. Next there is a description of the facilities available to the interactive user. Finally, a<br/>case study of the implementation of one particular command is used to illustrate the general<br/>design of the program and to illustrate why this results in a less rigid interaction than in<br/>conventional paint programs.
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