Complex evaluation of student‘s physical activity by physical health, physical fitness and body composition parameters

Doctoral thesis Lithuanian OPEN
Šiupšinskas, Laimonas (2007)
  • Publisher: Kaunas University of Medicine
  • Subject: Kompleksinis vertinimas | Studentai | Physical fitness | Students | Fizinis pajėgumas | Nursing | Complex evaluation | Fizinis aktyvumas | Physical activity
    mesheuropmc: education

Physical activity level of students is decreasing. Students are specific population group with similar patterns of habitual physical activity influenced by study process. That formed requirement to search for a new ways to assess physical activity of the students indirectly. Offered method assesses level of physical health, measures physical fitness and evaluates body composition. The aim of the study is to evaluate indirectly measured health-enhanced physical activity of the students by physical health, physical fitness and body composition parameters. Objectives: 1) To evaluate student’s physical development and physiological parameters related to physical health. 2) To measure student’s physical fitness and analyze its changes in 2003/2004 – 2005/2006 academic years. 3) To evaluate peculiarities of body composition and its components. 4) To propose complex evaluation methodology for indirect measured physical activity and to determine student’s level of physical health, physical fitness and body composition. According G. Apanasenka scoring system student’s physical health was lower than average. Physical fitness of males tested by Eurofit tests was in the average. Female’s physical fitness results were lowest of physical activity related components. Majority of assessed students (56% of males and 67% of females) had normal body weight. It was proposed method for the complex evaluation of indirectly measured physical activity and its components: physical health, physical... [to full text]
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