publication . Doctoral thesis . 2007

Kompleksinis studentų fizinio aktyvumo vertinimas fizinės sveikatos, fizinio pajėgumo ir kūno masės kompozicijos rodikliais

Šiupšinskas, Laimonas;
Open Access Lithuanian
  • Published: 02 Jan 2007
  • Publisher: Lithuanian Academic Libraries Network (LABT)
  • Country: Lithuania
Physical activity level of students is decreasing. Students are specific population group with similar patterns of habitual physical activity influenced by study process. That formed requirement to search for a new ways to assess physical activity of the students indirectly. Offered method assesses level of physical health, measures physical fitness and evaluates body composition. The aim of the study is to evaluate indirectly measured health-enhanced physical activity of the students by physical health, physical fitness and body composition parameters. Objectives: 1) To evaluate student’s physical development and physiological parameters related to physical hea...
Medical Subject Headings: education
free text keywords: Nursing, Students, Studentai, Physical fitness, Physical activity, Complex evaluation, Fizinis aktyvumas, Kompleksinis vertinimas, Fizinis pajėgumas
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