Impact of rootstocks on columnar apple tree growth in a nursery

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Gelvonauskienė, Dalia; Gelvonauskis, Bronislovas; Sasnauskas, Audrius;
  • Publisher: Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture
  • Subject: Obelys | Augalai--Dauginimas | Skiepijimas (augalininkystė) | Medelynai (sodininkystė) | Apples | Plant propagation | Grafting | Nurseries (horticulture)

There were investigated 24 columnar apple selections and 2 cultivars ‘Arbat’ and ‘Ostankino’ in a nursery at the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture. The two latter cultivars and selections M38-35, M38-33, M38-2, M38-15, No. 376-100 and No. 385-380 were released in Rus... View more
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