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Diagnostic aid of magnesium concentration in vitreous humor in five farms with outbreak of hypomagnesemic tetany

Mattioli, Guillermo Alberto; Tittarelli, Claudia Marcela; Giuliodori, Mauricio Javier; Costa, Enrique Félix;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2000
  • Country: Argentina
Postmortem diagnosis of Hypomagnesemic Tetany is difficult because there is no remarkable findings at necropsy, and for in addition blood serum or plasma samples become contaminated with intracellular Mg after red cell lysis. Many researchers have assessed the usefulness of Mg in Vitreous Humor, but results had been contradictory. As all those works were performed on healthy cattle at slaughterhouse, we decided to check this methodology on clinical cases of Hypomagnesemic Tetany. We use Mg in Vitreous Humor below 2.02 mg/dl as an indicator of antemortem Mg plasma level below 1.80 mg/dl. Samples in clinical cases were taken by puncturing the eye?s posterior chamb...
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