Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infecting anurans in a protected area from Santa Fe Province, Argentina

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Ghirardi, Romina; Levy, Michael G.; López, Javier Alejandro; Steciow, Mónica Mirta; Perotti, María Gabriela;
  • Subject: Ciencias Naturales | Zoología | chytrid | anurans | protected area | Santa Fe | molecular techniques

We collected 28 adult anurans belonging to six species (five <i>Dendropsophus nanus</i>, ten <i>Hypsiboas pulchellus</i>, one <i>Leptodactylus latrans</i>, ten <i>Rhinella fernandezae</i>, one <i>R. schneideri</i>, and one <i>Scinax nasicus</i>). To collect DNA samples ... View more
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