Colour grading video files in Adobe Lightroom

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Tommiska, Tarina (2017)
  • Publisher: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu
  • Subject: valokuvaus | elokuvaus | videokuvaus | kuvankäsittely | väri | editointi | visuaalisuus | visuaalinen ilmaisu

The purpose of this thesis was to instruct the reader how to colour grade video files in a way that would be best suitable for photographers. This thesis suggests why video content should be colour graded in order to make an impact on the viewer and stand out in a meaningful way. I go through the very basics of colour theory to help the reader better understand the emotional impact of colour when observed. Colour theory sets the base for all colour grading and correction related work. Colour grading is an important step in high end movie and television production, but also in smaller productions, such as web-intended video publishing. It can help enhance the viewers’ experience and to deliver certain moods or messages to the viewers. In the empirical study of this thesis I will explain the work process of how to colour grade video files in Adobe Lightroom by going through my thesis project, which is two short videos made for Tampere University of Applied Sciences as an example of the workflow and work process.
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