Analysis of Computer-Aided and Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Solutions in Service Industries in Russia

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Rezanov, Vladislav (2013)
  • Publisher: Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

The primary objective of this research study was to investigate the relationship between Computer-Aided and Artificial Intelligence Technologies and customer satisfaction in the context of businesses in Russia. The research focuses on methods of Artificial Intelligence technology application in business and its effect on customer satisfaction. The researcher introduces Artificial Intelligence and studies the forecasting approaches in relation to business operations. The research also investigates the applicability of software architecture/Computing Languages used in Artificial Intelligence to business operations. The researcher gave due attention to the Computer-Aided Customer Service. The methods of data collection used for this study were primary and secondary data collection. The data was gathered through questionnaires and semi-structured openended interviews with business managers, experts and customers. The researcher used quantitative research design combined with questionnaire technique to identify evidence of customer satisfaction after being served in the businesses under study. The research adopted an evaluative research study approach and the data collected was analyzed using comparisons and percentages, and presented in the form of diagrams and flow-charts. This case study research was conducted in business enterprises in the studied service industry. This study has investigated the role of Computer-Aided and Artificial Intelligence Technologies. The positive impact of Computer-Aided and AI Technologies application on business enterprises was identified and evident. In addition, AI application approaches and possible solutions were discussed in various sectors of the economy. The researcher highlighted the criticisms of Artificial Intelligence in the modern economy.
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