Proof-of-Concept Prototyping for Observis Platform

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Ekimov, Victor (2012)
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Observis Oy is a start-up company first appeared in January 2011. The company is building up a measurement platform that is open and easy to connect. It helps measurement device suppliers, system and service providers, and analyzing services to found and combine each other’s products to create more value to the end customers. Observis Oy intends to develop a platform for integration with other services in order to provide management functionality in environmental field of business. Platform is expected to provide user-friendly way of presenting the data as well as comprehensive administration functionality. Service must be accessible directly from the cloud, implementing the idea of Software As a Service (SaaS) in its pure manner. Scalability must be considered as a key aspect, since integration of new devices and services must be done within limited time period. The problem domain lays in the software development concept. Development team has been never experienced the technology before, resulting to a number of risks in that area. Because of the innovation nature of the platform, requirement became unclear; software design became more complex and unpredictable. Number of questions remains unanswered, such as interpretation of the existing spatial database scheme coming from 52°North company and decision on the most suitable programming language framework. The goal of the project was a proof-of-concept prototyping for GEO informatics platform development. From the requirement specification and analysis of the future system and its expected functionality the general understanding was archived and converted into system design. Gained knowledge was immediately applied for implementing the most important parts of functionality in order to learn more about problem domain. Throughout the constant implementation, testing and changes of the requirements prototype was able to highlight the solution domain. Moreover, prototype has been used as on the presentation of the Observis Oy as a possible predecessor of Observis Platform. Usage of the throw-away prototype methodology proved the ability to develop such a platform, defining boundaries, limitations and in-depth understanding of the solution domain. On the last development stage prototype reached the point, where it became suitable for promotion of the Observis Oy and discovered new exiting possibilities to study and research. Combination of the professional experience from Observis Oy development team and the knowledge of the newly released technology from MUAS’s practical trainee lead to the new dawn of the future leading Finnish company.
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