Social networking services: technologies and applications

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Puzyrnyy, Oleksandr (2011)
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Puzyrnyy, Oleksandr. 2011. Social networking services: technologies and applications. Bachelor's Thesis. Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences. Business and Culture. Pages 52. The aim of this thesis is to describe the concept of social networking, its technological base, business opportunities and future perspectives. The study discovers how social networks are made and which different purposes they might have. In addition, social networking is viewed as a part of business strategy of modern companies and its potential is shown in such fields as collecting customers' base, establishing brand loyalty and creating an image. Moreover, the research focuses on that fact that social networks are taking more and an increasing amount of space in people's everyday life, and therefore forecasts their possible ways of developing in the direction of even ever deepening integration in it. The topic of the research is rather new and therefore the sources are scarce. The research is mostly made with help of different Internet resources. Therefore, the outcomes and my own presumptions are based on their analysis of the Internet sources used. Research output is showing how research questions are expected to be answered. It sets the aim to discover social networking technology and services, their use for businesses and future development. In addition, it analyses the possible ways of social networking trends, and pointing out the importance of social platforms’ understanding. Study conclusions the importance of social networking for different aspects of life. This aim is reached by showing the examples of companies, which are social networks, which are integrating with social networks and which are successfully implementing social networking technologies for their own use. In addition, the study is giving clear image of how social networking is done, which trends it followed and how is it going to develop in the nearest future and why. Keywords: Social network, social networking service, social media, development trends
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