Mobile marketing for mobile games

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Vu, Giang (2016)
  • Publisher: Yrkeshögskolan Arcada
  • Subject: Mobile games | Marketing | Advertising | mobilspel | marknadsföring | mobilmarknadsföring

Highly developed mobile technology and devices enable the rise of mobile game industry and mobile marketing. Hence mobile marketing for mobile game is an essential key for a mobile game success. Even though there are many articles on marketing for mobile games, there is a need of highly understanding mobile marketing strategies, how to launch a mobile campaign for a mobile game. Besides that, it is essential to understand the relationship between mobile advertising and users behaviours. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to study how to launch mobile marketing campaigns for mobile games and to figure out how effective a mobile game campaign on players behaviours. The study design is a combination of exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research. Data collection is a combination of quantitative data and qualitative data. A case study is investigated, an in-depth interview is organised and a questionnaires survey is conducted. The research’s reliability and validity is tested. The key findings include the understanding of mobile game mobile marketing mix and the acknowledgement of some effective marketing methods which are cross-promotion advertising and influencer marketing. The research also identifies the effectiveness of mobile advertisements network and influencer marketing.
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