Job satisfaction and factors affecting motivation at Posti Oyj

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Shah, Kapil (2016)
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The business trends and life style of humans are changing rapidly due to globalization and it visibly affects the work environment and employee’s attitude towards the work as the needs and desires of human being are changing too. In such circumstance, it is essential to have motivated team to survive in the market is vital agenda for the firms, where Posti Oyj is not an exception. It has become a challenge for HR officials to study about job satisfaction and motivation including factors affecting them. Taking the circumstance into account, the purpose of this thesis was to study and analyze the factors affecting the job satisfaction and motivation of the employees at Posti Oyj. The analysis was made on the basis of theoretical study and research data. Based on the study tools, the relevant suggestion was made to improve the current status of job satisfaction and motivation. Posti Oyj is one of the biggest employer in Finland with long history of 400 years serving internationally. The company has more than 23,000 employees at the moment with services in different area. Postal services, Parcel and logistics services, Itella Russia, and OpusCapita are four major business groups of the company. The theoretical background of this thesis highlights the concept of Motivation role of motivation and its effect on job satisfaction. The related theories of motivation are described and used further for the data analysis gathered from survey. Both qualitative and quantitative method were used during the process. The HR management team and some employees were interviewed and the online questionnaire were circulated to 200 employees working in the delivery department. In the interview with six different area managers, the main challenges faced during the management were discussed and compared with employee’s responses. The data response was analyzed with the help of google data analysis. The outcome of the survey indicates that the employees at Posti Oyj related to delivery department were not satisfied and motivated. Less salary, no incentives, lack of opportunity for growth, lack of feedback, job security, and promotion were some main reasons behind it. The outcome was also linked to the several theories and some realistic suggestions were mentioned by author in order to maintain the employee’s motivation at good level. The result of this thesis had crossed the claim made by Posti as a best place to work and the firm should re-think about employee’s stability to maintain the firm’s market and revenue in the long run. The ideas recommended in section 6.2 has already been discussed with HR officials and new strategies are being designed for implementation.
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