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Kasiliauskas, Jonas (2017)
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Masonry heaters are the oldest heating method for one family houses. Earlier houses had high leakage air-flow rates because thermal efficient insulation material was combustible by that time /20/. The masonry heater perfectly fits for air leaky houses. Nowadays, houses are more insulated and have an air tight envelope. People don’t want to spend time for supervising heating systems, that’s the reason they choose a heating system with automatism. The main aim of my thesis is to evaluate if it’s possible to use masonry heating in tight envelope houses. With help of the literature sources I consulted and the interview with a professional masonry heater builder I will try to give an answer to that question. The secondary aim is to select a ventilation system to one family house, which has a masonry heater. The example house I will use in this thesis will be a one family house, with a floor area of 95.4 m2 located in Vilnius, Lithuania. I chose this house and location because of the popularity to use gas in this country. I’m going to evaluate installation and ten-year exploitation costs to have more reasonable results. The masonry heater will be compared to hydronic heating system, which is a common use in residential houses. The hydronic heating system will be separated by heating sources one is a wood and gas burning boiler. The other heating source is only a gas-burning boiler.
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