Business plan for a technology innovation

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Leikas, Anniina (2015)
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The aim of this thesis was to create a business plan to understand the potential of the business idea and offer guidance when establishing a new business. The basis was to study the business environment in Finland and what factors need to considered in business planning process. Entrepreneurship is one pos-sibility for the author in the future. Large generations are retiring and the market has place for new entrepreneurs and ideas. The Technology industry is constantly evolving and new ideas are needed to make processes and everyday life easier. Con-sumers value products that ease their everyday problems. The theoretical framework of the thesis is based on entrepreneurship in Finland and business planning process. The research was conducted by using quantitative and qualitative methods. As the quantitative method, a survey was conducted through Webropol, the themes in the survey were online services, mobile applications and ecological issues. The survey was made to find out the potential customers and their consuming behaviour. The Qualitative research consists of interviews with business professionals: Marjo Niittuaho-Nastolin who is a Development Manager at Miksei Oy and Kimmo Hartikainen, the entrepre-neur of Verkkoverstas and Happo Solutions. The topics in the interviews were business establishment, financial requirements, demand and entrepreneur’s capabilities. In addition to the survey and interviews, a business plan was made and it is mostly confidential due to trade secrets. The results introduce the research material from the interviews and from the survey. Starting a start-up in Finland, business plan and the customer segment will be viewed in the section. The main parts of the business plan are introduced and other important factors in the business planning process and entrepre-neurship. Based on the results, conclusions are made whether the business environment in Finland is suitable for the business and whether the business idea is feasible in real life.
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