Early childhood education and care partnership in Finland

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Kc, Anupama (2010)
  • Publisher: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu
  • Subject: lastenhoito | hoivatyö | päivähoito | kumppanuus | kasvatuskumppanuus | varhaiskasvatus

The purpose of the study was to describe and find Early Childhood Education and Care partnership (ECEC) in a certain day-care of Finland. The objective of the study was to find answers to two questions: 1) what is ECEC partnership and how does it work in Finland; and 2) what are parents’ opinions and suggestions regarding the ECEC partnership. The thesis is based on qualitative research. Unstructured interview was conducted with five different parents for obtaining the data. The designed questions were open-ended, which helped parents to answer in depth. This study gives valuable information about Early Childhood Education and Care partnership. The study clearly shows that there is a need of improvement from parents as well as day-care staff to make continuous partnership approach. This study also makes us think about different methods to improve Early Childhood Education and Care partnership for day- care staff. Hopefully, this study could serve as an inspiration for any day-care which is willing to improve the partnership approach and would like to be an instance in the day care field with strong Early Childhood Education and Care partnership approach.
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