Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Faruk, Md. (2016)
  • Publisher: Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu

The goal of this thesis was to create an electronic online store website. Before building this website, the thesis explains about the ecommerce website because there is considerable amount classification of ecommerce. Moreover, the overall web page design and constructing process of an online store is shown on the constructed website. Header, body, footer, content menu and navigation system are represented through the website. Every successful project needs a proper plan. This project goes through the phases of accurate planning. One part of thesis explains about the modern web technologies how to use the web elements with web programing language. Another part describes the implementation process of web development with practical knowledge. Using of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and bootstrap are discussed in front end development and Python, Java, PHP and MySQL are represented in back end development. Usages of all these tools assist to construct a desired website. The whole project will finish through the website testing. If the website run properly in browser, the project will finish successfully. As a result of the thesis, the whole website is a good example of a commercial website. It could be a guidence book of constructing a commercial website step by step.
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