Business Plan : Cultural consultant company

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Absiye, Mohamed (2017)
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The purpose of this research was to study the circumstances of immigrants in Finland with the intention of establishing a consultant company that would help the immigrants in their integration process in Finland. The primary data of this study were obtained from the results of the “survey on work and well-being among people of foreign origin” conducted between 2015 until 2016 by Statistic Finland. Additionally, the author did background research on the institutions of Finland and respective ministries responsible of immigration issues. The objective of the deskwork was to study the government of Finland’s immigration programme and the integration process of immigrants in Finland. Furthermore, the author conducted two interviews. The author interviewed the head of two associations representing two of the biggest immigrant communities residing in Finland. The purpose of the interviews was to find out the role of immigrant association in the integration process. On the basis of the results of the “survey on work and well-being among people of foreign origin” together with the deskwork the author did on government institutions to find out the immigration and integration policies of government of Finland. The author constructed a business plan for cultural consultant company following the business plan model of Alexander osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. The results of the survey and the deskwork done by the author suggest that there are huge challenges facing, both the state institutions and the immigrants alike. And the primary reason and cause of these challenges are according to the author “One-way process of the integration programmes of the government. In order to combat these challenges the author suggests that other stake-holders should be included in government’s integration programmes. The author’s response to the immigration challenges is to establish a cultural consultant company that consults government of Finland and state institutions on the cultural issues of immigrants.
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