Customer Satisfaction in Internal Customer Service : Case: Abloy Oy Internal Customer Service

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Turunen, Susanna (2011)
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ABSTRACT Turunen, Susanna Marita 2011. Customer Satisfaction in Internal Customer Service. Case: Abloy Oy Internal Customer Service. Master’s thesis. Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences. Business and Culture. Pages 73. Appendix 1. This thesis discusses and studies service quality and customer satisfaction in internal customer service. The main objective is to find out what the service quality level in the internal customer service at Abloy Oy is and whether there exists a difference between customer expectations and perceptions of the internal customer service quality. The objective is also to identify areas of strength and weakness for each customer service department for process improvement purposes. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods are applied in the research. For collecting data a questionnaire with attitudinal scale questions and open questions is used. The theoretical framework concentrates on explaining the characteristics of internal service, internal customer and service quality dimensions that customers use in judging service. Additionally, a gap model discusses the causes for the discrepancy between customer expectations and perceptions in the service delivery. Altogether seven customer service departments are evaluating each other’s internal customer service quality in eight service quality attributes. The main findings are that the service of all departments’ is polite, adequate and professional. In addition, gaps are found in the service quality when concerning the following attributes: efficiency of internal communication, prompt handling of requests, ease of communication, availability of the personnel, proactivity and activity of developing ways of working. However, from the results it can be found that the gaps vary between departments. The results collected and analyzed provide information for customer service process improvement for Abloy Oy. The questionnaire designed for the study will be used for measuring the service quality of internal customer service continuously. Keywords: Service delivery, service quality, internal customer, customer service, customer service management.
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