PORT SECURITY-Threats and Vulnerabilities

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Kusi, Bernard (2015)
  • Publisher: Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu

The main objective of this thesis is to identify the threats and the vulnerabilities concerning Takoradi port, and finally recommend measure to overcome the identified threats and vul-nerabilities. Various categories of potential threats and vulnerabilities have been studied throughout the literature review. However, because each port presents a unique sets of threats and vulnerabilities, there was a need to look critically into how Takoradi port operations are being conducted in other to identity the potential threats and vulnerabilities pertaining to the said port. This study applied Case Study Approach as a research strategy by using Qualitative research method as a means of exploring and understanding how individual or group ascribe to social or human problem, and also identify new theoretical propositions or managerial actions is needed. The empirical data for this study was collected through primary and secondary sources. With primary source, questionnaire, observation as well as informal discussion were used. Whereas with secondary source, raw data and publish summaries that have been collected by organizations and individual, excluding researchers were used. The results of the study revealed the strength and the vulnerabilities within security system at the port of Takoradi. Apart from the strength and weaknesses, potential threats that confront the security systems, were also identified through the result. This thesis provides the recommendation needed to tackle the identified vulnerabilities and threats that are likely to disturb the effectiveness and efficient operating of the security systems. In the future, it is important to identify how human factor impact the successful implementa-tion of port security measures. Further research in this particular area will help reduce the threat that human factor poses to the successful implementation of Port security measures
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