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Le problème du transport de gaz avec considération des compresseurs

Bakhouya, Bouchra; de Wolf, Daniel;
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  • Published: 25 Feb 2008
  • Country: Belgium
In [7], De Wolf and Smeers consider the problem of the gas distribution through a network of pipelines. The problem was formulated as a cost minimization subject to nonlinear flow-pressure relations, material balances and pressure bounds. This model does not reflect any more the current situation on the gas market. Today, the transportation and gas buying functions are separated. This work considers the new situation for the transportation company. The objective for the transportation company is to determine the flows in the network that minimize the energy used for the gas transport. This corresponds to the minimization of the power used in the compressors. Pee...
free text keywords: dimensionnement optimal, transport de gaz, optimisation non convexe, : Production, distribution & supply chain management [Business & economic sciences], : Production, distribution & gestion de la chaîne logistique [Sciences économiques & de gestion]

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