High rate monitoring CH4 production dynamics and their link with behavioral phases in cattle

Conference object English OPEN
Blaise, Yannick ; Lebeau, Frédéric ; Andriamandroso, Andriamasinoro ; Beckers, Yves ; Heinesch, Bernard ; Bindelle, Jérôme (2016)
  • Subject: methane | CH4 | dynamics | behavioral phases | behavior | cattle | cow | CO2 | ratio | : Agriculture & agronomy [Life sciences] | : Agriculture & agronomie [Sciences du vivant]

Microbial fermentation in the rumen produces methane (CH4) which is a loss of energy for ruminants and also contributes to global warming. While the respiration chamber is the standard reference for CH4 emissions quantification, daily CH4 production dynamics can be meas... View more
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