The Size, Shape, Albedo, Density, and Atmospheric Limit of Transneptunian Object (50000) Quaoar from Multi-chord Stellar Occultations

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Braga-Ribas, F.; Sicardy, B.; Ortiz, J. L.; Lellouch, E.; Tancredi, G.; Lecacheux, J.; Vieira-Martins, R.; Camargo, J. I. B.; Assafin, M.; Behrend, R.; Vachier, F.; Colas, F.; Morales, N.; Maury, A.; Emilio, M.; Amorim, A.; Unda-Sanzana, E.; Roland, S.; Bruzzone, S.; Almeida, L. A.; Rodrigues, C. V.; Jacques, C.; Gil-Hutton, R.; Vanzi, L.; Milone, A. C.; Schoenell, W.; Salvo, R.; Almenares, L.; Jehin, Emmanuel; Manfroid, Jean; ... view all 56 authors
  • Subject: individual: 50000 Quaoar [Kuiper belt objects] | occultations | atmospheres [planets and satellites] | fundamental parameters [planets and satellites] | : Space science, astronomy & astrophysics [Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences] | : Aérospatiale, astronomie & astrophysique [Physique, chimie, mathématiques & sciences de la terre]

We present results derived from the first multi-chord stellar occultations by the transneptunian object (50000) Quaoar, observed on 2011 May 4 and 2012 February 17, and from a single-chord occultation observed on 2012 October 15. If the timing of the five chords obtaine... View more
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