How Different Forms of Policy Learning Influence Each Other: Case Studies from Austrian Innovation Policy-Making

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Biegelbauer, Peter;
  • Publisher: MISC
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1080/01442872.2015.1118027
  • Subject: Politikwissenschaft | Political science | policy learning; political learning; policy making; knowledge utilisation | Special areas of Departmental Policy | spezielle Ressortpolitik | Innovationspolitik | Lernprozess | politische Strategie | Technologiepolitik | Österreich | politischer Akteur | Zielsetzung | Forschungspolitik | policy on technology | research policy | purpose | Austria | learning process | political actor | innovation policy | political strategy | 10500
    • ddc: ddc:320

This paper investigates the question whether different forms of policy learning influence each other. The focus is on relationships between different forms of policy learning, which are explored on the basis of case study research in the field of research, technology an... View more
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