East Asian Values Surveys: making a case for East Asian-origin values survey concepts

Research OPEN
Vinken, Henk;
  • Publisher: Mannheim
  • Subject: Sozialwissenschaften, Soziologie | Social sciences, sociology, anthropology | Erhebungstechniken und Analysetechniken der Sozialwissenschaften | Methods and Techniques of Data Collection and Data Analysis, Statistical Methods, Computer Methods | methodology | Asia | statistical method | value | data collection method | empirical social research | method | statistics | Far East | Wert | Ostasien | Methodologie | statistische Methode | Methode | Asien | Statistik | empirische Sozialforschung | Erhebungsmethode | Grundlagenforschung | basic research
    • ddc: ddc:300

This paper aims to contribute to social scientific work towards enhancing the cultural fit of comparative values surveys projects on a conceptual level both for Western and East Asian survey research communities and their publics. It starts with noting that, after a lon... View more
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