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Co-composting of eggshell waste in self-heating reactors: Monitoring and end product quality

Margarida J. Quina; Micaela A.R. Soares; Micaela A.R. Soares; Rosa M. Quinta-Ferreira;
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  • Published: 01 Nov 2013
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Country: Portugal
Abstract Industrial eggshell waste (ES) is classified as an animal by-product not intended to human consumption. For reducing pathogen spreading risk due to soil incorporation of ES, sanitation by composting is a pre-treatment option. This work aims to evaluate eggshell waste recycling in self-heating composting reactors and investigate ES effect on process evolution and end product quality. Potato peel, grass clippings and rice husks were the starting organic materials considered. The incorporation of 30% (w/w) ES in a composting mixture did not affect mixture biodegradability, nor its capacity to reach sanitizing temperatures. After 25 days of composting, ES a...
Medical Subject Headings: complex mixturesfungi
free text keywords: Industrial eggshell waste, Composting, Self-heating potential, Soil improver, Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment, Environmental Engineering, Waste Management and Disposal, Bioengineering, General Medicine, Eggshell, Environmental science, Soil pH, Biodegradation, Compost, engineering.material, engineering, Mechanical biological treatment, Self heating, Husk, Waste management, Nitrogen, chemistry.chemical_element, chemistry
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36 references, page 1 of 3
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