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High temperature properties of the CrNbAlN coatings with increasing Al contents

M. Evaristo; Tomas Polcar; Tomas Polcar; W.Z. Li; W.Z. Li; Albano Cavaleiro;
Open Access Portuguese
  • Published: 15 Aug 2013
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Country: Portugal
Cr-Nb-Al-N coatings with Al content from 0 to 12 at.% were deposited by d.c. reactive magnetron sputtering. The coatings were annealed in protective atmosphere at 800 and 900 degrees C for 1 h and exposed to air at 800,900 and 1200 degrees C for different times. The chemical composition, structure, microstructure, hardness and adhesive/cohesive strength of the coatings, in as-deposited and annealed conditions, were investigated and the oxidation resistance was evaluated. As expected, the Al content increased gradually in the coating with increasing power density in the Al target; nitrogen was kept approximately constant. All coatings exhibited columnar cross sec...
free text keywords: Cr- Nb- Al- N coatings, Mechanical properties, Thermal stability, Oxidation resistance, High, Materials Chemistry, General Chemistry, Surfaces, Coatings and Films, Surfaces and Interfaces, Condensed Matter Physics, Nitride, Composite material, Grain size, Coating, engineering.material, engineering, Annealing (metallurgy), Lattice constant, Metallurgy, Materials science, Microstructure, Sputtering
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