Irreducible coupling between physical and biological phenomena: overview of on-line and off-line physical measurements during high cell density cultures of yarrowia lipolytica

Conference object English OPEN
Kraiem, Hazar; Manon, Yannick; Anne-Archard, Dominique; Fillaudeau, Luc;
  • Subject: Génie chimique | Génie des procédés | Mécanique des fluides | Broth | Cell culture | Fed-batch | On-line and off-line measurement | Physical and physicochemical properties | Rheometry | Escherichia coli | Yarrowia lipolytica

During cell cultures in bioreactor, micro-organism physiology closely interacts with physico-chemical parameters (gas and feed flow rates, mixing, temperature, pH, pressure). The specificity of microbial bioreactions in relation with irreducible couplings between heat a... View more
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