Modeling SpaceWire networks with network calculus

Conference object English OPEN
Ferrandiz, Thomas ; Frances, Fabrice ; Fraboul, Christian (2011)

The SpaceWire network standard is promoted by the ESA and is scheduled to be used as the sole on-board network for future satellites. This network uses a wormhole routing mechanism that can lead to packet blocking in routers and consequently to variable end-to-end delays. As the network will be shared by real-time and non real-time traffic, network designers require a tool to check that temporal constraints are verified for all the critical messages. Network Calculus can be used for evaluating worst-case end-to-end delays. However, we first have to model SpaceWire components through the definition of service curves. In this paper, we propose a new Network Calculus element that we call the Wormhole Section. This element allows us to better model a wormhole network than the usual multiplexer and demultiplexer elements used in the context of usual Store-and-Forward networks. Then, we show how to combine Wormhole Section elements to compute the end-to-end service curve offered to a flow and illustrate its use on a industrial case study.
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