Photochemical mineralization of terrigenous DOC to dissolved inorganic carbon in ocean

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Aarnos, Hanna; Gélinas, Yves; Kasurinen, Ville; Gu, Yufei; Puupponen, Veli-Mikko; Vähätalo, Anssi; (2018)
  • Publisher: American Geophysical Union
  • Subject: liuennut orgaaninen hiili | joet | hiili | meret | valokemia | DOC | rivers | carbon | CDOM | ocean | photochemistry

When terrigenous dissolved organic carbon (tDOC) rich in chromophoric dissolved organic matter (tCDOM) enters the ocean, solar radiation mineralizes it partially into dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC). This study addresses the amount and the rates of DIC photoproduction ... View more
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