Assessment of drinking water quality at the tap using fluorescence spectroscopy

Article English OPEN
Heibati, Masoumeh ; Stedmon, Colin A ; Stenroth, Karolina ; Rauch, Sebastien ; Toljander, Jonas ; Säve-Söderbergh, Melle ; Murphy, Kathleen R. (2017)
  • Journal: volume 125, pages 1-10 (issn: 0043-1354)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2017.08.020
  • Subject: CDOM | Drinking water distribution | Natural organic matter (NOM) | PARAFAC

Treated drinking water may become contaminated while travelling in the distribution system on the way to consumers. Elevated dissolved organic matter (DOM) at the tap relative to the water leaving the treatment plant is a potential indicator of contamination, and can be... View more
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