A Family of Resonant Vibration Control Formats

Conference object English RESTRICTED
Krenk, Steen ; Høgsberg, Jan Becker (2012)
  • Subject: Resonant damping | Active control | Structural vibration

Resonant control makes use of a controller with a resonance frequency and an equivalent damping ratio.<br/>A simple explicit calibration procedure is presented for a family of resonant controllers in which the frequency<br/>is tuned to the natural frequency of the targeted mode in such a way that the two resulting modes exhibit identical<br/>damping ratio. This tuning is independent of the imposed controller damping. The controller damping is then<br/>selected as an optimal compromise between too small damping, and too large damping at which the modal<br/>frequencies coincide, and thereby produce undesirable constructive interference. This ‘equal modal damping’<br/>procedure leads to explicit calibration formulae, and produces a nearly level plateau in the frequency response<br/>curve with lower response than the traditional double-root calibration.
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