Towards transparent all-optical label-swapped networks: 40 Gbit/s ultra-fast dynamic wavelength routing using integrated devices

Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine English OPEN
Seoane, Jorge; Holm-Nielsen, Pablo Villanueva; Jeppesen, Palle; Kehayas, E.; Liu, Y.; Martinez, J.M.; Herrera, J.; Zhang, S.; McDougall, R.; Maxwell, G.D.; Ramos, F.; Marti, J.; Dorren, H.J.S; Avramopoulos, H.;

All-optical routing of 40 Gbit/s 1.6 ns packets is demonstrated employing integrated devices based on SOA-MZIs. The scheme allows wavelength transparent operation and sub-nanosecond dynamic wavelength selection for future packet/label switched networks.
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